Is Guinness Gluten Free [2021]

Is Guinness Gluten Free

Is Guinness gluten free – Guinness emerged in the brewery of Arthur Guinness at St. James Gate, Dublin, Ireland in 1759. It is a dark Irish dry stout.

Guinness is nearly one of the best and successful beer brands all over the world and it is brewed and operated in nearly 50 countries and present in almost 120 countries. The total turnover (Sales) of Guinness was about 850 million litres (220,000,000 US gal).

Guinness is famous all over the world and widely in Ireland. Guinness & Company brewery nearly generates €2 billion annually and it is one of Ireland high selling alcoholic drink despite decreasing consumption since 2001.

To emerge the multinational alcoholic drink producer Diageo plc, Guinness Plc united or merged with Grand Metropolitan, according to the London.

So till here, you understood a little bit about Guinness, now let’s answer and talk about the most important questions which people ask to make sure and aware before consumption that is Guinness gluten free.

Is Guinness Gluten Free?

Regrettably, Guinness is not free from gluten almost like other stout and beer. Guinness is made by brewing from malted barley, to make it look like the known dark colour it is roasted. There are gluten substances contained in malted barley.

So, this proves that those who are suffering from celiac disease and sensitive to gluten, should not consume such products to keep themselves out of diseases that mainly occurs with high consumption of gluten. Gliadin is the substance/component which is found in gluten which is the cause for triggering inflammation in the small intestines. So be aware of this if you are sensitive to gluten.

But don’t feel depressed those who love beer. In the market there is mainly a lot of companies that manufacture beer that is totally gluten-free and the quality of it is almost similar and they are harvester brewing.

Always check and read the labels of the product to see what ingredients it contains to keep yourself out of gluten products.

Guinness Nutritional Information –

Guinness Nutrition Facts

Guinness contains 125 calories of 12 ounces of serving. The main calorie of Guinness beer is primarily alcohol and Guinness contains just 4.2% ABV which is comparatively less.

Moreover, Guinness put a mixture of nitrogen and CO2 which most beers don’t have, most beers are carbonated with CO2.

Guinness Ingredients –

Guinness beer is produced from water, roasted extract of malt, barley, hops and brewed yeast. To give a renowned dark colour and quality taste a part of barley is roasted. It is filtered and pasteurised.

There are a lot of company’s options for gluten-free beers so you don’t have to depress because Guinness is not free from gluten.

Is Guinness safe to drink on a wheat-free diet? 

Is Guinness safe to drink on a wheat-free diet? 

Even so, most of the beers are brewed from malted barley. Hordein is a protein that contains barley that is somewhat similar to gluten which is not safe for some people who are sensitive to gluten.

As the effect of protein found in barley is much moderate than gluten found in wheat. For some people, the products which are based on barley are not safe which also includes Guinness beer.

The information which is provided is primarily an advisory, if you are concerned about consuming such gluten-containing products you can directly contact a professional medical consultant.

However, it is not guaranteed that Guinness is free from whet because there is a chance of cross-contamination in the barley process and since it Is brewed from malted barley, it includes gluten substance which is not safe for those who are sensitive to gluten and suffers from celiac disease.

About Guinness –

  • Great Britain, Nigeria, Ireland, the USA and Cameroon are the massive selling markets for Guinness beer in the year 2004.
  • The colour of Guinness beer is not black it is slightly ruby red in colour which is given at the time of production by roasting a portion of barley.
  • In Africa 40 per cent of the Guinness beer is brewed and sold.
  • There are nicknames that are given to Guinness beer are Liffey water, the black stuff, Black custard, Diesel.
  • The taste of Guinness beer in Ireland is better nobody knows about it.

Guinness Gluten Test –

So today I did a test of known Guinness extra stout beer. I usually drink draught Guinness in bars occasionally but I never tried drinking through bottles before. The bottled ingredients of Guinness beer will be the same for the Gluten test.

Test Kit – Imutest Gluten in food kit

Result of test –

In the test, a pink test spot is visible on the test area on the left which signals the existence of gluten. As per the direction, a very less degree of 20 to 100 ppm should show a test spot that is less or correspondent in strength to that of the control test spot. The test spot is lighter than the spot of control.

As per the test, I would rate Guinness ¾ on a scale of 1 to 20 which shows in the test it is around 20- 30 ppm. So it is positive and it is not a medical advisory.

Conclusion – Is Guinness gluten free?

Lastly, altogether there are lots of other brands that produce gluten-free beer which can be a substitute for those who are highly sensitive to gluten and suffer from celiac disease. So in the end as per the people query which most of the people wanted to know is defined as no, Guinness is not gluten-free.

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