Does baileys need to be refrigerated? | Does baileys go bad

Does baileys need to be refrigerated –

Does baileys need to be refrigerated

Does baileys need to be refrigerated ? Yes, but it depends on the duration of when it is opened and manufactured. Baileys contain alcohol, even being an alcohol beverage, bailey can go bad as the ingredient includes real cream and dairy milk that will spoil it. However, a less amount of alcohol helps and makes it to keep fresh.

From the date baileys were manufactured, unopened or opened stored in the refrigerator or not, guarantees its taste and flavour for two years. It is the only cream liquor that guarantees these conditions.

Basically, as the bailey beverage will be stable within the temperature ranges, as stated on the package label: 0-25 Celsius, so there is no need to store opened bailey in the refrigerator.

However, most of the people prefer to consume it chilled and fresh, so there will be no problem storing it into the refrigerator. The climate is hotter where you live, it may be best for you to prefer keeping it in the refrigerator to consume it fresh and to enhance the life of the product and also storing it in refrigerator simply makes sense.

However, the pantry seems to be a safe and better place for it, but the refrigerator will work best as long as the bottle cap is not opened.

Also, the fridge might be the perfect place and choice to keep bailey once the bottle cap is opened. Even, the liquor does not require refrigeration, but bailey is a dairy product and contains cream that necessarily requires refrigeration for the preservation of taste and freshness.

Does baileys need to be refrigerated

As usual, also keep it in mind that when the bottle is not in use, keep it sealed tightly. But still, the people worry that: Does baileys need to be refrigerated after opening and if it is so how to store Baileys to preserve the taste and quality.

How to Store Baileys – Does baileys need to be refrigerated after opening?

Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendation which is best as every bottle of baileys which is manufactured has a label which states the storage instructions of the product printed on it.

From what we are aware of the liquor, they basically get better with time, and the quality and taste get enhanced the longer they are stored. This reality holds for most of our liked wine and scotch but sadly not all the drinks preserved the test of time and such drinks are baileys.

Baileys comes with a date of expiration, not like other drinks that can be kept to brew, and also it can go bad if not consumed under the mentioned date.

Does baileys go bad –

Does baileys go bad


People might consider that it has to be stored in the refrigerator as baileys contain dairy. But, meanwhile, it contains 15% and above level of alcohol, which shows it may be better to keep it at room temperature.

But also, the longer period of time you store it the quality and taste will going to be worse.

Basically, it is suggested that you should consume the Irish cream bottle within the 6 month period of time once the bottle cap is opened.

Unfortunately, a baileys bottle will not make any difference for storing it for a month or 2 more. But at a particular time, you will see the taste will not be good or same as it used to be previously.

How can you tell if Baileys has gone bad or not?

How can you tell if Baileys has gone bad or not

There are 3 different ways by which you can find out and check the quality of Baileys before you even start to drink it.

The first thing which you have to do take a glass and pour a small number of baileys into a glass and check for the following difference of spoilage. Then check for the:

  • Texture: If the steadiness of the liquid has gone from creamy and thick to semi-solid or knobbly, your Irish cream probably be congeal
  • Smell: If the smell of liquid is unpleasant or similar to the smell of custard that means it has certainly gone bad.
  • Colour: Your Baileys has gone off if you see any separation between the whiskey and the milk so that it looks cloudy and dark rather than opaque and creamy.

If you are still worried even after the texture, colour and taste of Baileys all look fine and healthy, take a sip of the drink. If you will see that it taste like yoghurt or sour cream, then it is no longer good to drink and if it tastes creamy and sweet than it is good, safe and healthy to enjoy.

Conclusion – Does baileys need to be refrigerated

However, you have found out the solution of the query: Does baileys need to be refrigerated. Lastly, it is recommended that if the Baileys bottle is opened once it is better to consume within six months of time period also for preserving the taste and quality you can store it in the refrigerator if you live in a hotter place.

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