Can You Freeze Lettuce? | How To Preserve Lettuce?

Can You Freeze Lettuce

Can you freeze lettuce? For the most part, yes. However lettuce probably not be the initial object you consider storing in the deep freeze.

There are a couple of methods are there to freeze lettuce but watch out in keeping and uphold its crispness can be genuinely challenging duty because the leaves of lettuce are very delicate so keep reading ahead for the direction to apply in freezing lettuce.

There is no argument about the popularity of lettuce all over the world, particularly in the US. Lettuce is the vegetable that comes in 5th rank as the most consumed food item in the United States, as per Agricultural Research Service (AGR).

There are many ways and methods to store and preserve food but it is very tough to store the food items which are likely to rot or decay (perishable).

As lettuce is very greenish and watery, are people mostly finding out: Can you freeze lettuce to store it for a longer period of time?

Can You Freeze Lettuce?

Yes, you can really freeze lettuce if you are searching to store it for a longer time without getting decay. Nonetheless, many food items are there which can be preserved or stored for a long duration.

Even so nearly most of the food items which are perishable are stored in the deep freezer, few of them unable to sustain their softness and flavour after freezing. The taste gets decline once food items are frozen as it develops watery flavour and texture, which probably taste not that good.

The plant cells water crystallizes when kept in the deep freezer, which causes harm to cell walls. If the water content is higher than the harm will be more to cell walls during deep freezing.

That’s the major indication of why lettuce and greenish watery veggies are not determined for freezing. Even so, if you can able to freeze lettuce properly then it may be good near to 6 months.

We suggest you deep freeze lettuce which is thicker, mostly like butterhead or romaine. It is better to deep freeze lettuce for soups, smoothies and stews not for dishes that depend on fresh-cut leaves of lettuce like veggies and salads because lettuce begins to lose decline in its taste, flavour, freshness and texture.

It is very tough to freeze lettuce because its leaves are very delicate which will get damage from freezing. So it is always recommended to eat lettuce fresh cut and avoid freezing as much as you can. Even so, if you have lettuce in bulk quantity freezing will be the perfect way to store it for a longer duration if you do not want to consume it now.

You will be clear about the query can you freeze lettuce or not by now. Read to know the methods of how to freeze lettuce properly without getting spoiled or damaged.

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Methods To Freeze Lettuce Properly

I am going to tell you two best methods how can you freeze lettuce in a proper way –

  • Freeze Fresh Lettuce
  • Remove the damaged leaves out.
  • Things like bugs, bacteria, pesticides and dirt remain on lettuce. The perfect way to clear off is to wash them in cool water and keep it still to let the water get drain away from them. To make it completely dry use a cloth or paper towel.
  • To reduce the maximum moisture on the leaves put them properly on the towel used for kitchen use.
  • Once the above process is completed, you can use freezer bags or an airtight container. Put lettuce leaves in it and keep them in a deep freezer.
  • Don’t stuff the leaves. Then you can lightly press it to remove the surplus air from it.

From the beginning of cleaning to storing, you must carefully handle lettuce leaves as it is easily breakable.

To remove air totally you can make use of a straw to suck the air out of the bag which can be very helpful in preserving the crispness and freshness of the lettuce. Don’t stuff other veggie bags with lettuce containing bag as it causes damage to it.

At the time of using it, you need to properly melt it down for that take out the bag from the deep freezer and keep it in the freeze for the whole night, also you can defrost it or keep them at room temperature.

  • Freeze Pureed Lettuce
  • Remove the damaged leaves out.
  • Now wash them properly with cool water.
  • Put the lettuce leaves in a mixer and add small content of the eater along with puree in it.
  • In ice, trays pour the puree. When it is frozen take out the cubes from ices trays and keep them in freezer bags.

This method is one of the simplest ways to store and preserve the lettuce flavour and taste. For soups, curries, smoothies, etc. this frozen puree can be preferably used.

Always make sure when you want to store lettuce to avoid it getting damage or rot. These are the best ways to deep freeze lettuce.

Can You Freeze Romaine Lettuce?

Compare to that lettuce which is available in stock in the stores, romaine lettuce is more lasting if preserved properly by freezing.

The reason it will last for a longer duration by freezing because the thickness of romaine lettuce leaves is more and bear less water content which works for the long run.

Can You Freeze Shredded Lettuce? How To Store Chopped Lettuce

Yes, shredded lettuce can be freeze which is nicely chopped into small pieces can be ideal for freezing. Before keeping lettuce in the deep freezer, dry it properly to minimize the surplus moisture in it.

Then pack chopped (shredded) lettuce properly in the freezer bag and put it in the deep freezer.

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How Long Does Lettuce Last In The Fridge?

The durability of lettuce totally depends on the type of lettuce and how it is stored. Normally the loose lettuce leaves last 7 to 10 days if it is kept in a perfect way, and the lettuce which had a head-on top is more durable than the non-head one. However, lettuce lasts more than the other leafy veggies.

The Best Container To Freeze Lettuce – Can You Freeze Lettuce?

For storing lettuce leaves for a longer period of time I would suggest using a plastic airtight container to deep freeze whole leaves of lettuce would be perfect.

Other than that you can also use freezer bags to freeze whole leaves which can work perfectly if there is no storage place to keep it. But be cautious in handling while putting in and taking out.

To suck out all the air, freezer bags are a simple way to use them to avoid spoilage and stay for a longer duration.

Labelling the freezing containers and bags will help you to recognize the food items easily and help you to know when you put them in which is a great practice.

How To Defrost Frozen Lettuce

Defrosting frozen lettuce is the very easiest part. Just take out the lettuce from the package and keep it at room temperature for melting.

The other method is, get a kitchen towel lay it on a dish then put the leaves on the dish slowly and gently as it is very fragile. Doing all this helps the leaves to get their moisture absorbed when the frozen lettuce leaves start to melt slowly.

This process will take some time around 1 hour, so you have to wait and be patient and do other work while this happening.

How To Use Lettuce That’s Going Bad

After doing the process of storing lettuce in the freezer we still feel bad after knowing that more than half leaves are damaged and gone bad even after knowing the leaves are not durable for so many months when stored in the deep freezer.

There are lots of reason this damage occurs such as the surplus of air inside the container and bag, or the leaves were not fresh when stored or it was not properly stored which spoiled the fragile greenish lettuce.

Whatever the cause of spoilage it is, the next thing is how to use it which makes it better to taste, some of the points which you can consider and try are given below:

 1. Turn it into a smoothie

There are many recipes to make flavoured smoothies or juices out of lettuce leaves as it tastes very fresh and soft. So smoothies can be the best option to turn the leaves that are spoiling.

 2. Make a Saute or a stir fry

Rather than waiting till it gets damages instead use those leaves in making side dishes which can be pleasing in taste which you will be going to enjoy. There are lots of recipes and dishes of lettuce which you can explore.

 3. Turn it into a slaw

I saw that the lettuce leaves are somewhat getting spoil, prefer to remove all the damaged leaves of lettuce then washes it nicely and use it in making slaw.

 4. Turn it into a creamy soup

The other best ways to turn the lettuce leaves that are going bad is to make a creamy soup out of it by adding some tasty spices of your preference and herbs which can be very delicious and healthy. Better to pick out the damaged leaves before putting them into the mixer for preparing soup.

 5. Prepare salad wraps

You can use the lettuce leaves in preparing salad wraps for a quick evening snack.

The Reason Why Lettuce Should Not Be Frozen

Most people freeze the food items like vegetables which is somewhat the best ways to stop them from getting spoiled in less time by slowing the process of developing enzymes and bacteria which turn it bad. But freezing food cannot be the best thing as it spoils the taste and craving.

The ices crystals get formed by freezing food that contains water, which makes the ice crystals swell which damage the cell wall of that frozen food item.

The taste, flavour and texture lose when the cell walls of veggies get damaged which also makes the shape of the vegetables lose.

The vegetables and food items which contain very less amount water in it green peas, etc. don’t get much damage as compared to those leafy veggies such as lettuce, etc. which has a higher amount of water content in it gets spoiled in less time because of its fragile cell walls.

Freezing makes it damage that’s the reason why lettuce should not be frozen or any of the high water content veggies.

How To Preserve Lettuce – How To Keep Lettuce Fresh Longer

How To Preserve Lettuce

The best ways to preserve and keep the lettuce fresh for a longer time when the surplus quantity of lettuce left is:

Firstly, wash all the lettuce leaves nicely by separating the damaged one then better to chop it or make it in small pieces, for that you can use a spinner which will help to remove the surplus water content from it which can be durable for a long time.

Secondly, dry the lettuce. For better drying use a kitchen towel to dry it properly by putting it on the towel. Put the lettuce in an airtight bag or container and place it in the freezer. Keeping checking the lettuce to check it is not getting spoiled or damaged.

When you see lettuce getting spoiled, just take it out of the freezer then defrost it with the above-explained process for using to prepare any of the dishes, smoothie or juices and enjoy.

Conclusion – Can You Freeze Lettuce?

Can you freeze lettuce? Yes, you can but follow the methods and go through stepwise to avoid the spoilage of lettuce at the time of freezing. There are lots of recipes to make lettuce delicious dishes at home. Explore the ingredients which are needed to cook lettuce.

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